👋🏼 Hi! My name is Thijs van der Heijden, I am 18 years old, live in the Netherlands and love to write beautiful code! Currently I am enrolled in a computer science bachelor at Utrecht University.

I have been selected for the T500 (The top 500 most promising tech talents in the Netherlands) and won an WWDC18 scholarship! Some languages I know are: Swift 4.2, Python, C# and HTML, and of course Dutch, English and German!

You can contact me here: hi@thijsheijden.nl ✉️


    Using historic stock data to predict future trends.

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  • RECA

    Using AI to recognize ingredients and find recipes using them.

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    Visualizing earthquakes as they happen displaying their magnitude and location on a 3D globe.

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    Receiving Json data from OpenWeatherMap and displaying it in a simple but effective material design.

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