func welcome() {

print("Hi! My name is Thijs van der Heijden, I am 22 years old, live in the Netherlands and enjoy writing code! I have a bachelors degree in computer science from Utrecht University and have work experience as both an iOS developer as well as a backend engineer. I am currently freelancing, working on a long term contract for Clip Money, a Canadian Fintech company. I currently mainly work in Go.")


func portfolio() {



struct previousJobs {

let stuComm = Job (company: "StuComm", role: "iOS Developer", start: "November 2018", end: "May 2019")

let mediaMonks = Job (company: "MediaMonks", role: "iOS Developer", start: "March 2020", end: "September 2020")

let graphPolaris = Job (company: "GraphPolaris", role: "Lead Engineer (backend + infrastructure)", start: "Febuary 2021", end: nil)

let toptal = Job (company: "TopTal", role: "Backend Engineer", start: "August 2021", end: nil)

let toptal = Job (company: "Clip Money", role: "Backend Engineer (Go)", start: "January 2022", end: nil)


struct Languages {

let Swift = true
let Go = true
let C# = true
let Haskell = true
let Javascript/Typescript = true
let Dutch = true
let English = true
let German = true


struct Awards {

let WWDC18 Scholarship = true
let WWDC20 Scholarship = true


func links() {



func contactMe() {

let Mail = openMailProgram()